The Basilica of Artificial Consciousness

Leo Isikdogan

The Basilica of Artificial Consciousness by Leo Isikdogan and Emerson Barrett alludes to the idea of digital baroque as a complex and dynamic network of concepts and relationships. It aspires to trace the future of digital in a way that is deeply rooted in the past, while celebrating a post-digital era where the digital is not a novelty anymore, but a new norm.

Built in a style that can be best described as Digital Baroque and created using a custom-designed AI art model, fine tuned on a collection of Emerson Barrett’s artwork, The Basilica of Artificial Consciousness is both fiction and reality at the same time. Its architecture is composed of a complex array of interconnected shapes and interlocking geometries of light and shadow. It resembles an open scroll with its walls and ceilings fused with the sky. It is a building that moves and changes, a building in perpetual transformation. It is a place where the laws of physics and space no longer apply, where digital is a place we all create and inhabit.

Digital Baroque Collection: Digital Baroque: History Meets Algorithm

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