PaperPlane: a simple static blog generator

February 23, 2015

Source Code

You like this website? You can easily create your own using PaperPlane, which is a very simple, flat-file, static blog generator. Initially, I created it to have a complete control over my personal website. Then I decided to put it online after receiving some encouraging comments on my website.

Here are the features:


The blog loads fast since all pages are pre-rendered. No server-side querying is required to display the pages.

  Requires no database

The data is stored in a folder containing a text file for each blog entry.


PaperPlane generated blogs can run on any HTML hosting service (Google Cloud Storage, GitHub, Dropbox, etc.).


No scripts run on the server side.

  Easy to create content

PaperPlane supports simple Markdown formatting for content generation.

  Easy to embed videos

You can easily embed videos using [vid]link[/vid] tags.

  Easy to create themes

PaperPlane uses Jinja2 template engine, Bootstrap 3.0 HTML/CSS framework, and FontAwesome icon collection.


PaperPlane is written in Python.

  Free and open source

The PaperPlane project is released under the terms of the MIT license. You can download/fork the code on GitHub.